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With these workout videos please consult with your doctor beginning any exercise routine.  By purchasing these videos and agreeing to exercise with these workouts you are at your own risk of any injury occurring, so please be careful.

With each video, go at your own pace.  You are more than welcome to go longer on any circuit or slow it down if you aren’t able to keep up quite yet.  The main thing will all the workouts is keep moving, these are designed to burn lots of calories in a quick period.

Feel free to mix and match each workout so you don’t do the same routine each time. 

Picking 2 to 3 videos each workout will allow you to burn anywhere from a few hundred calories up to 300 to 400 calories per a workout, depending on intensity. 

Also, please take breaks anytime you feel you need to but try and push yourself to get maximum results.

Toned Arms Workout

Flat Stomach Workout

Lower Body Blast

Total Body Cardio Blast

Quick Total Body Workout

Strength Training Circuit

Upper Body & Cardio

Sweat it Out 100 Calorie Workout Burn

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